It’s not about Quantity, It’s all About Quality – Ranking Your Website the Right Way

If you are having trouble in ranking your site and you have been looking for a quick fix, this article is not for you. When ranking your website in the search engines there are rules and guidelines you need to follow and adhere to. You need to understand that you’re playing their game and not vice versa, sure you can exploit the system but it’s not a good idea, just ask millions of website owners that are getting penalized due to cheating every year. Doing SEO the right way not only makes you rank well but it ensures that you will not be affected by future security updates that remove black hat based techniques. Search engines update their algorithm regular, especially Google.

The usual updates improve the search result algorithm and making sure that the websites that are on top are relevant to the search term. Another form of update is cleaning up spammed websites or websites that have too much link going in from spam sites. This ensures the integrity of the search and keeps black hat users at bay.

Some of the newer updates rewards websites that looks good on mobile since a lot of website visits nowadays tend to come from mobile phones. Mobile phone use is growing at a fast pace and search engines are making sure to accommodate the increase in traffic by offering better results. Better results mean better performance that could lead to an increase in market share and advertising revenue.

When ranking your website, you need to take into consideration those things above. New technology adaptation should always be a top priority due to the constant landscape change that the search engines bring. Everything could change in a heartbeat and the knowledge you knew could become obsolete after the update.

That’s why most of the top SEO experts are using white hats techniques only in order to avoid problems later on that could cause a huge headache. The first thing you need to do in order to create your website the right way is to create content. This could be in a form of written articles, photos or videos. This does not only maintain and increase your ranking but also provide value to your customers. Write something about your business or your niche, that way you create some kind of marketing for yourself as well as encouraging your visitors to be more engaging. The best post would be a combination of the three. If you don’t have any stock photo or videos, there are lots of source material that you can find on the internet that is free. You could also research new topics on the internet if you are having trouble picking an engaging topic to talk about.

Another way to rank better is to get good quality links from high authority websites. What I mean about authority is those that are frequently visited by people due to the good content it offers. Links coming from these websites are very powerful thus you should include this on your link building strategy.

All in all, doing SEO the right way is the only way to ensure that you will keep your rankings for a long time.

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