Ranking Locally – A Guide in Dominating your Local Area

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This is a guide for business owners who want to rank in the search engines in their own local area. First you must understand that ranking locally is different than your generic ranking. Local rank shows as a small listing after the paid advertisement and displays corresponding letters according to their rank A is the highest. Local rankings usually appear on localized search like the name of the city, town or county. What is good about local rankings is it gives the searcher the ability of tap call function. The searcher does not need to go into the website and call the business, they could just tap the listings and a call button will appear. Ranking locally is easier than you think and SEO experts would rather rank locally for local keywords than go organic because it is easier and faster. Check out the list below if you want to rank your website locally.


Focus on local keywords – The first step in ranking locally is to focus on local keywords first. Local keywords are mostly long tail so it is much easier to rank for albeit with lower volume. Lower volume does not necessarily mean lower ROI. Remember, those keywords are highly targeted thus most of them are certified leads.
On page factors – Make sure that you tailor your on page keywords to that of your local keywords. This is a big factor nowadays and Google loves a website that is themed and has a target niche since this makes their job easier. But remember though that creating a theme is not the same as spamming so you better be careful not to fill your website with keywords. Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to identify words that are related to your keywords so this gives you leeway to expand the subject a little bit without using the same keyword over and over again and preventing getting penalized.
Local listings is a must – There are hundreds maybe thousands of local directory sites that offer free business listings. You must make use of them because they provide lots of link power that your new site needs. Having your website put in one of these local listings directories is the first step in your link building campaign. You also should pick carefully the sites you are going to post to. Not all of them are good and some of them are actually getting penalized by Google for having spammy content. If you are unsure what local directory site to post to, just do a little bit of digging on Google and you will find it. Another tip is to make sure that your contact details, description, and address are all the same on all your listings.
I live in the Westchester NY, it’s one of the SEO hotbeds in the country right now. But even with great competition, we are still ranking well because we do SEO the right way and only based our work through legal means. Remember, SEO is a slow process. Patience is needed in order to move forward. A search engine’s algorithm is very complex and very little people know how it calculates the rankings. Some website rank in as little as a month while some keywords would need a few more months in order to see some positive results. It all depends on the competition. Just be patient and don’t over do it.

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