Ranking Locally – A Guide in Dominating your Local Area

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This is a guide for business owners who want to rank in the search engines in their own local area. First you must understand that ranking locally is different than your generic ranking. Local rank shows as a small listing after the paid advertisement and displays corresponding letters according to their rank A is the highest. Local rankings usually appear on localized search like the name of the city, town or county. What is good about local rankings is it gives the searcher the ability of tap call function. The searcher does not need to go into the website and call the business, they could just tap the listings and a call button will appear. Ranking locally is easier than you think and SEO experts would rather rank locally for local keywords than go organic because it is easier and faster. Check out the list below if you want to rank your website locally.


Focus on local keywords – The first step in ranking locally is to focus on local keywords first. Local keywords are mostly long tail so it is much easier to rank for albeit with lower volume. Lower volume does not necessarily mean lower ROI. Remember, those keywords are highly targeted thus most of them are certified leads.
On page factors – Make sure that you tailor your on page keywords to that of your local keywords. This is a big factor nowadays and Google loves a website that is themed and has a target niche since this makes their job easier. But remember though that creating a theme is not the same as spamming so you better be careful not to fill your website with keywords. Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to identify words that are related to your keywords so this gives you leeway to expand the subject a little bit without using the same keyword over and over again and preventing getting penalized.
Local listings is a must – There are hundreds maybe thousands of local directory sites that offer free business listings. You must make use of them because they provide lots of link power that your new site needs. Having your website put in one of these local listings directories is the first step in your link building campaign. You also should pick carefully the sites you are going to post to. Not all of them are good and some of them are actually getting penalized by Google for having spammy content. If you are unsure what local directory site to post to, just do a little bit of digging on Google and you will find it. Another tip is to make sure that your contact details, description, and address are all the same on all your listings.
I live in the Westchester NY, it’s one of the SEO hotbeds in the country right now. But even with great competition, we are still ranking well because we do SEO the right way and only based our work through legal means. Remember, SEO is a slow process. Patience is needed in order to move forward. A search engine’s algorithm is very complex and very little people know how it calculates the rankings. Some website rank in as little as a month while some keywords would need a few more months in order to see some positive results. It all depends on the competition. Just be patient and don’t over do it.

Westchester NY SEO – The New Battleground for SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization in Westchester isn’t as big as it is now a few years ago. There were a lot of businesses that did not understand SEO thus they don’t want to invest in it. But as years went on, businesses became more aware that a big chunk of their customer came from the internet. Those online directory listings you thought was just a waste of time became more important. With the adoption of smartphones and cheap internet plans, people are getting more exposed and use the internet more frequently than they have in the past. Not only people are utilizing the internet for information purposes but a lot of them use the internet as a shopping and payment hub. You can now buy almost anything you want through the internet and have it delivered directly to your home. What is happening everywhere is also what is happening in Westchester NY. Westchester is one of the richest counties in New York so businesses are quickly grabbing the opportunity to create their own websites and have them rank in the search engines. By doing so, they will be able to increase their foot traffic by exposing their website to more audience on the Internet. There is currently a few internet marketing company that is operating in Westchester NY and most of them are really good when it comes to ranking a website. There are also more internet marketing experts that are spreading their reach in Westchester but due to the high competition in the area, they are having difficulties with it. Listed below are just some tips if you want to do Westchester NY SEO.

  • Create localize content – Google and other search engines loves content. But what they love more are content that is targeted locally or specifically. Locally targeted content gives more boost than a generic one. In addition to that, your visitors will engage you more since targeted contents convert better.
  • Local listings – Local listings are the backbone of any local SEO work. Without creating a local listing, search engines won’t be able to place you in their local search results. These local listings sites are very powerful and search engines know these so in order to create a good local search algorithm, they include signals coming from these local listing sites. Not all local listings sites are created equal some of them are powerful than other and some are near junk status. Yelp, Google Business, Bing Business, Yahoo local Business are just four of the top local listings sites that you need to have a profile in order to take advantage of the rankings boost these sites provide.
  • Social Engagement – Search engines now are making sure that social media engagement is part of their search algorithm. People spend a lot of time on social media and search engines are taking advantage of these. The active you are on social media the better your ranking results. Likes, shares, and hashtags gives a small boost so don’t count them out. if you’re still confused, I highly recommend this company – http://westchesternyseo.net/ 

Frequency of post – If you don’t have a lot of budget for your SEO campaign, you could make it up with increasing the frequency of your post. This is a signal that you are serious in offering good content to your visitors and search engines love it.

This is a time for SEO not just in Westchester NY but everywhere. Businesses are finding that spending a little bit of money in online advertising yields not only increased in foot traffic but also the spread of their respective brands. I’ve been doing seo for a long time now and these guys are one of my top recommendations – https://twitter.com/westchesterseo1

It’s not about Quantity, It’s all About Quality – Ranking Your Website the Right Way

If you are having trouble in ranking your site and you have been looking for a quick fix, this article is not for you. When ranking your website in the search engines there are rules and guidelines you need to follow and adhere to. You need to understand that you’re playing their game and not vice versa, sure you can exploit the system but it’s not a good idea, just ask millions of website owners that are getting penalized due to cheating every year. Doing SEO the right way not only makes you rank well but it ensures that you will not be affected by future security updates that remove black hat based techniques. Search engines update their algorithm regular, especially Google.

The usual updates improve the search result algorithm and making sure that the websites that are on top are relevant to the search term. Another form of update is cleaning up spammed websites or websites that have too much link going in from spam sites. This ensures the integrity of the search and keeps black hat users at bay.

Some of the newer updates rewards websites that looks good on mobile since a lot of website visits nowadays tend to come from mobile phones. Mobile phone use is growing at a fast pace and search engines are making sure to accommodate the increase in traffic by offering better results. Better results mean better performance that could lead to an increase in market share and advertising revenue.

When ranking your website, you need to take into consideration those things above. New technology adaptation should always be a top priority due to the constant landscape change that the search engines bring. Everything could change in a heartbeat and the knowledge you knew could become obsolete after the update.

That’s why most of the top SEO experts are using white hats techniques only in order to avoid problems later on that could cause a huge headache. The first thing you need to do in order to create your website the right way is to create content. This could be in a form of written articles, photos or videos. This does not only maintain and increase your ranking but also provide value to your customers. Write something about your business or your niche, that way you create some kind of marketing for yourself as well as encouraging your visitors to be more engaging. The best post would be a combination of the three. If you don’t have any stock photo or videos, there are lots of source material that you can find on the internet that is free. You could also research new topics on the internet if you are having trouble picking an engaging topic to talk about.

Another way to rank better is to get good quality links from high authority websites. What I mean about authority is those that are frequently visited by people due to the good content it offers. Links coming from these websites are very powerful thus you should include this on your link building strategy.

All in all, doing SEO the right way is the only way to ensure that you will keep your rankings for a long time.

Google’s way of SEO – The Art of Climbing up the Rankings

Hi and welcome to my first post, the topic for today is all about reaching the top of the search rankings. Search engine optimization is one of the things that most website owners fails to implement and understand. It is basically one of the best ways to improve website traffic in the long run. It utilizes the popularity of search engine as a means to get traffic. The basic principle is simple, the better your rankings on your chosen keywords, the more visitors you get thus allowing you to get more leads or more sales. But the principle and implementing that principle are two different things. If you head into Google developer’s tools and look at the website optimization guidelines, you will see that Google discloses their information as vague as they can. But the general ruse are simple, adhere to what Google wants and you will get free traffic, easier said than done! Listed below is a basic guide to starting your uphill climb into Google’s most treasured technology.

Content is King – Without a content that is directly related to your chosen keyword, there’s a big probability that you won’t rank. One of the biggest factors for ranking a website is its content. People over the years have been exploiting Google’s algorithm and it was so prevalent that it forced Google to make a lot of adjustments and give more focus on a website’s content rather than the links that go into it. Since then, the algorithm developed into one of the most complex systems and aside for the devs, no one really knows much about the specifics of Google’s algorithm. The best way to go is to put out a good content at a consistent rate. Two to three articles a month is a good starting point.

Social Media Integration and Interaction – We all know the impact of social media is big and can’t be ignored. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to take advantage of this. The principle is simple, the more you interact with your clients and customers, the higher the rankings. The boost in rankings does not come with the interaction itself but rather from the results of the interaction. Sometimes, people will link out to your site for recommendations and sometimes they will mention you in hashtags. Search engine algorithm takes these things into account. The more active the social profiles the better.

Authority Stacking – I’m not going in too deep here since this topic alone will need a whole article in itself just for the basics. But here’s the thought, you need to have links coming from high authority sites if you want to rank well, whether you like it or not. There are a lot of ways to get these kinds of links and most of them you can get for free. There’s no going around this rule because the link’s anchor text acts as votes and identifiers for the algorithm ranking system. So what are authority sites? Authority sites are popular websites that receive a huge amount of traffic every day because of the information they present on a certain range of topic and some of them are too huge that they cover almost all topics known to man see: Wikipedia.

Climbing the top is sometimes exhausting and frustrating. Google does not update rankings in real time and you have to wait for weeks and sometimes months to see the full results of your work. So in essence, SEO is an activity which you need to do consistently and for a long time. The search engines keep tabs on the activities of you website. If you want to rank better, be consistent and be active. One of the best SEO right now is the Westchester SEO scene, if you want to learn more about search engine optimization, I suggest monitoring those guys who are working on SEO in the Westchester area.