5 Dance Tips For Beginners

If you have decided to become a better dancer to have more fun in clubs and at social events, “getting started” can be quite difficult. You are a bit inhibited and not self-confident at the beginning and sometimes you feel as if you would rather hide in the corner. Here are some tips to maximize your learning success and help you get ahead.

1. Laugh and have fun

Just standing around looking stupid is what boring twins do in a climbing paradise. It’s the easiest thing you can do to get better results. If you’re not in the mood, at least fake it until you have enough self-confidence and it comes by itself. You’ll quickly realize that you’ll dance longer and feel better if you go for it with a positive attitude and a smile. I have written a whole article about it.

2. Don’t look at your feet

You can hear that for every sport where you do something with your feet – be it skiing, skating, Tae Kwon Do, football, etc. The same goes for dancing.

It is easy to be self-confident while dancing. Especially if you have decided to get out of your “comfort zone”. However, if you look at your feet, you avoid eye contact with people who could look at you and you show some insecurity. Practice your movements, file them a little and try again. Just ask your friends or strangers what your dance movements look like. Just make sure to keep your head upright and your eyes open.

3. Jump and hop not too strong

Often a song is too fast in a Dsico and you can’t even make a slight double step to it. You have to dance to every second beat. This can be better explained in a video lesson, but assume that a dance song has 4 beats (1-2-3-4) that repeat over and over again.

For a light two-step, you step (move) your left foot to 1 and then your right foot to 3. During the second and fourth beats you pause or kick inwards, with your right foot and then left foot.

What I see in many of my students is that they move their heads and/or whole bodies to every beat, which looks too violent for most of the songs played in the disco. For a two-step, move only on 2 and 4 and the dance and the movement looks much more pleasant. If you move to “just” stay in rhythm, you can instead “clap” your leg with the palm of your hand or snap with your finger. Similar to Flowing & Bouncing.

4. Practice in front of a mirror

Practicing in front of the mirror is a great way to recognize and eliminate funny or strange movements, such as the over-jumping in point 3. This will also help you not to look at your feet.

Sometimes you will not be able to see your strange movements because you are still at the beginning and will probably concentrate too much on the rhythm. In this case it is a good idea to record yourself with a digicam or mobile phone, especially for advanced movements. So you can better recognize your own mistakes and then improve them immediately.

I know it’s a bit strange to look at yourself, but just try it and you’ll see that you can improve very quickly this way.

5. Create movement

Dancing on one spot with a double step can quickly get really boring. Salsa is popular because it has so much movement in it. Women won’t generate this movement automatically unless you pretend to. You are the type. You are the one who leads. You are the one who creates the movement.

Even in a slight two step you can go forward, backward and turn slight circles. If you dance with a girl, you can go behind her, change positions and even go further away and then back again. You are the man and you determine it.

Take these tips seriously and you will be able to improve your dance movements quickly. Have a look at the explanations of our three simple dance steps if you have no experience in disco.

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