Air Conditioning Installment

New buildings are often insulated to such an extent that adequate ventilation is difficult or even impossible. Especially in bathrooms or in the kitchen, moisture cannot escape and there is a risk of mold growth.

The installation of an air conditioning system helps to improve the air circulation inside.

You can choose between mobile and fixed installations. Before installation, a cost calculation is important. In addition to the one-off acquisition and installation costs, there are annual operating costs. The following overview shows how high the individual items are.

The costs in detail: Prices for an air-conditioning system

There are numerous models and variants of air conditioning systems. Essentially, a distinction is made between mobile and fixed split systems.

Mobile air conditioning systems are the cheapest to purchase. On the other hand, they are less efficient than permanently installed units. Moreover, the workmanship is often not as robust as with split systems. Prices start at 100 euros for offers from DIY stores and discounters and range up to around 800 euros for better processed models.

Compared to mobile air conditioning systems, the installation of a split system is more efficient. The devices permanently installed in the house are well suited for air-conditioning individual rooms. The average purchase price is 2,000 euros.

If the installation of an air conditioning system in several rooms is desired, multisplit systems are the right choice. Each additional unit can be expected to cost around 1,500 euros.

What are the costs for a specialist?

A specialist knows all about the various problems involved in installing an air conditioning system. He knows which location is best for the installation.

Depending on the model, installation on the outside wall or inside the house is more suitable. In the ideal case, he already advises on the selection of the suitable model and has all the necessary working materials at hand for later installation.

In an escondido split system, the compressor is usually mounted on the outside. The specialist is familiar with the hose connections so that the installation can be carried out without any problems. It may also be necessary to drill a hole through the wall.

Please note that the electrical connections may only be made by a specialist. The average costs for installation are between 200 and 300 euros.

Don’t forget your annual operating costs

In addition to the acquisition costs, annual operating costs are incurred for consumption. Mobile air-conditioning systems have an average output of 1,000 watts. This results in operating costs of around 24 cents per hour. With a running time of 500 hours in the year 120 euro result for the use.

Split systems have a higher coefficient of performance. The operating costs are around 17 cents per hour. Thus, the costs add up to around 80 euros for a running time of 500 hours. If several split systems are operated in-house, the costs for the devices are lower than for a single system.

A central ventilation system as an alternative

A central ventilation system offers an alternative to air conditioning. The entire building is supplied via a ventilation system. Moisture and bad smell are eliminated by the system. In contrast to simple air conditioning systems, the installation costs are higher. The entire house must be equipped with ventilation ducts. There are pure exhaust air systems and systems for controlling both the supply air and the exhaust air.

Noteworthy for installation in a rented apartment

The installation of a mobile air conditioner is not a problem in a rented apartment. The situation is different with a fixed installation system. Here a permission of the owner is important. Especially when a wall breakthrough to an outdoor module becomes necessary.

As an alternative to a breakthrough, there are hose connections to the balcony or terrace. Here it is important to clarify whether the system can also be used with closed doors.

Another important aspect is the volume. Many cooling modules are very loud. In an apartment building or on small properties, the volume must not disturb the neighbours and must be correspondingly low.

Funding for the installation of an air conditioning system

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides subsidies for the installation of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. Subsidies can be obtained from companies and various public institutions such as schools or hospitals.

An expert examines the planned investment and prepares an expert opinion on the planned state. It should be noted that funding can only be provided before the project has started. The application must therefore be issued before the conclusion of the service agreement.

Commissioning a specialist company is the right decision

In addition to the knowledge required for professional installation, a specialist has additional knowledge. These include the advantages and disadvantages of individual models, such as volume and energy efficiency.

In the ideal case the specialist has contacts to manufacturers, so that the purchase and the installation take place from a hand.

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