Cosmetics for the Journey

From hair washing day planning to travel sizes of the brand Eigenbau: With our eight cosmetic tips for the journey, the next holiday is not only beautiful, but also relaxed.

Tip 1: Well planned is looking forward to it

Prepare for your vacation. And by that we don’t mean booking a hotel room or choosing a travel guide. Three to four weeks before your departure you should make an appointment with your hairdresser, because dyeing and tinting are taboo. Chlorine and salt water do not get along well with freshly coloured hair – in the worst case the hair will take on a green tinge. If you don’t feel like constantly pulling your eyebrows during your holiday or worrying about smeared mascara, you can also dye your eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time. Read more on how to remove bags under eyes for more details.

In the week before departure you can go to the foot care and waxing studio. Not only your feet will be fine throughout your holiday, but your legs will also be smooth for up to three weeks. Plus: You can safely leave nail polish, remover and shaver at home. And best of all: All the preparations will get you into the holiday mood weeks before your departure.

Tip 2: Wrinkles? Absolutely!

Many cosmetic pouches may be wonderfully pretty – but they’re also bulky. Foldable beauty bags with hooks are more practical. Not only do they take up less space, but thanks to the individual compartments the repertoire of cosmetic products is always tidy – and the constant scrambling for the cream, which is always hidden deep down in the dark bag, is a thing of the past.

Tip 3: Mini-Me

From toothpaste to shampoo to the cotton swab box: In summer, many cosmetic products are offered in mini format. The advantage: You don’t have to change your beauty routine while travelling. And if you haven’t used up your travel sizes during your holiday, you can throw them into your sports bag afterwards.

But there is one thing you should never save on: sun protection. The big tube can never do any harm here, especially on a beach holiday, 125 ml per week and person belong in your luggage.

Tip 4: Travel sizes brand homemade

Your favorite products are not available in small? Many drugstores and perfumeries offer vials in which you can transfer your products. Especially products that look very similar should be labelled, because face cream tastes really disgusting on a toothbrush!

Also really practical: A Duo contact lens container is a perfect travel companion. Clean and simply with two favorite creams, for example with eye and face cream, fill.

Tip 5: Nothing runs out like this

You want to take a shower after a long-haul flight, rummage around in your cosmetic bag for shampoo and everything sticks! The reason: The air pressure in the plane is lower with increasing altitude. This ensures that liquids expand. So that nothing leaks out, it is best to take opened products with you or make sure when transferring them into small containers that they are not completely full. If you want to be on the safe side, secure vials and jars with a strip of adhesive tape.

Tip 6: One for all

Four products for the face, three for the hair, two for the body, one for the feet… The cosmetic bag is full faster than expected. Practical are products that are suitable either for face and body, or for several care steps at the same time. Dry oils, for example, are such all-rounders that not only save space but also make it beautiful.

They have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, are absorbed particularly quickly and can be used on the face as well as on the body. In addition, they are just as suitable for removing make-up as they are for caring for brittle tips, dry hands, rough lips and exhausted feet.

Tip 7: We are beautiful enough

Less is more – that should be the motto of your holiday. After all, holidays also mean concentrating on the essentials. And on the beach in Spain these are the waves, the sun and the book and not the perfect make-up. We also save a lot of space without foundation, concealer, rouge, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Tip 8: Washing, flying, letting

Shampoo, conditioner, spray cure, heat protection, mousse, wax, hair spray – if hair care is more than just cat hair washing for you, you should think carefully before the trip about when you plan your next hair washing day. Especially if you’re only going away for the weekend.

Wash and style your hair on the day you leave – and leave the above battery of beauty products in your bathroom at home. Because apart from the fact that daily hair washing is not good for your hair anyway, your cosmetic bag is at least one and a half kilograms lighter this way.

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